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Coming soon! Junkyard Sons / Cavendish Sniff / Break The Fable


You are gonna wish you checked your soul at the door for this night of debauched Rock n' Roll!

One night with JUNKYARDS SONS is all it takes to give up work just to drink sour mash shots from the navel of a exotic dancer from Tennessee while listening to tracks from the devil's own jukebox... Check them out here:

CAVENDISH SNIFF play hard rock n’ roll just how they want it to be. With each band member bringing different influences to the table, we aim to give people something that’s fresh, yet still fits with the music scenes we love; 80’s sleaze, British punk, and heavy metal. Get a teaser here:

With a late 60s Garage sound BREAK THE FABLE will be open the proceedings and starting the night off right! Their finely honed old school rock and roll originals are the perfect starter to the evenings buffet of sleaze and blues to follow. Sample a taster here:


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