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Surf Song - 2016

Inspired by Quentin Tarantino soundtracks, Surf Song was first conceived by Roger playing with one of  his many pedals!

Marvin's Big Kahunas - 2014

From the EP Wrongly Accused, Marvin's Big Kahuna's is Junkyard Sons homage to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

The Game - 2017

"Well its August Time '53..."

The opening track from our 2019 release, this is a dark, brooding track of love, lies and live altering changes...

Why '53? Maybe something to do with Castro and Cuba, or Russia and the H bomb, the growth in power of unions in the UK, the end of the Korean War whatever it was it was a time of change... 

Sunlight in her hair - 2013

An early song added to the set list and still a staple today.

Freeway - 2013

Slow or fast this is the original Junkyard Sons driving song.

It Aint Easy - 2013

This track is about a young singer, songwriter Maisie Joan who thankfully was supported by her parents but many out there are not had have to start the normal dance of work to pay bills and never get to live their real life.

Tennessee Lover - 2014

That misunderstood girl + that mixed feeling in your mind. That long blonde hair brushes your face, and the intoxicating smell of stale smoke and perfume fills the air - your mind starts to wander and yet all you can say is "Baby, what's your name?"

The Getaway

A song about your escape, the release of your shackled life in the shadows that finally gets a chance to burst into the limelight - the real you.

Casino - 2013

Some little old Japanese man playing the tables in a smokey casino was the inspiration for this little played track. Something for when we need to chill the set down and give you time to recover!

August Moon - 2014

Following on from Casino we have another chilled out number in August Moon.

Go - 2016

Our radio anthem - you want to sing along then here's your chance, if you've ever loved and been hurt - this song is about that moment of awakening.

A broken heart repaired, self-respect redeemed, a phoenix new-found wings - a fresh start begun, the strength to carry on - the affernmation of a new dawn

Gold - 2015

Not our Tribute to Spandau Ballet, this is an upbeat number with a seriously groovy bassline and drums that get you up and moving!

Walk On By - 2017

Are you any less of a person if you don't have a roof over your head. A person is not invisible just because they live looking at feet walking by.

Cigar Box Blues - 2014

Cigar Box Blues on a cigar box guitar - made by our guitarist Cy Farrell - slighty different each time, born from a good ol' traditional blues jam!

Whiskey Gone - 2017

She walked. He stayed. A love-gone story.

Cy Farrell's Diddley Bo slide sets the tone of this down-right dirty Louisianna blues track in the spirit of RL Burnside. 

Oh and she never did come back.

Preacher Teacher - 2017

A story about a young boy wanting to know how he can sing the blues...

Many preach they know the blues but you can only learn them through those life-lessons.

In Denial - 2018

Dark thoughts, depression, the times when you are alone with your shadows in your mind.

The Poker Kid - 2013

The boy who took Vegas for everything they had including the wallpaper.

The Murder of Mary Jane - 2013

Fan favourite from Junkyard Sons - this is the story of an innocent man wrongly accused, wrongly convicted and now on Death Row for the murder of his girl, Mary Jane. Listen to the bass line echo his heart rate as he relives his woeful story in the last minutes of his live... Will this innocent man be given a reprieve - or just a release - listen and make up your own mind...

It Runs Deep - 2015

It Runs Deep - the bond a group of friends share, the bond a band shares.

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