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Tonights menu - Skys, 'Sons, Sludge' and singing with the Choir...

Free Entry at Bar 42, Worthing - Music starts bang on 8! Junkyard Choir : 10.15pm Kick-ass americana/grunge/blues combo...with some guests! Sludgefeast : 9.30pm Sludgefeast are the noisiest, fuzzed-up, garage rock band you've ever heard. Hailing from Bournemouth, they've released 6 albums and a tonne of other crazy shit that involves video games and saying 'mother fucker'. Junkyard Sons : 8.45pm Junkyard Sons are the bastard offspring of the history of music, playing for fun but as if their lives depended on it. The Skys : 8pm Amazing chilled out coastal folk acoustic, blues with a dash of reggae

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