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Brilliant nights music from 3 amazing live acts with this report from Mark Knowles of Bar 42 fame!

"I've been missing a trick. Most bands that play here are on Spotify these days so I can spam the f@%& out of you with snippets of their tunes. Last night we heard one of my favourite songs from last year [Oh have Mercy by Junkyard Choir]. You're going to click on it and listen for 30 seconds... Then hopefully go and listen to some more from these chaps. Junkyard Sons were awesome last night and telling me they are getting radio plays in America now. They are also on Spotify. Marvins Big Kahunas is a great song. Honeyshake have got some tunes too. Top night all round."

If you weren't there you missed out BIG TIME - best follow us on Facebook and find out when we are rocking your world next time!

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