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Get your next fill of the sensation that is Junkyard Sons at the Brunswick in just 7 days time!

The Brunswick presents Junkyard Sons

The Brunswick presents: JUNKYARD SONS Influenced by Clutch and RL Burnside with a buffet of sour mash for company, Junkard Sons are a blazing 5 piece blues rock n roll band with a penchant for overdriven riffs to bite into the very soul and refuse to let go until you're dancing with hellfire itsself. Top Track: "Gold" (live) - Facebook: Website: With support from... DYLAN T ROCKS Rock and blues trio - a unique blend of part Portuguese, half-time hippy and full time Irishman drawing influence from Foo Fighters, Mercury Rev and Adam Ant. THE ASIF OUTLAWS The Asif Outlaws are a four piece rock band formed from a combination of musicians who have been playing the circuit under different guises for well over a decade. Their influences include Led Zepplin, Muse, Pink Floyd, RHCP, and the three kings of the blues. Expect guitar riffs, screaming guitar solos, squealing sax and a thundering rhythm section ______________ Tickets: Age Restrictions: 18+ The Brunswick 1-3 Holland Road, Hove, BN3 1JF ______________

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