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Band night out! Moreland and Arbuckle at Worthing Pier!

So night out a Rutherfords for the Sons! Well actually at the refurbished Southern Pavilion at the end of Worthing Pier to behold the wonderment of Moreland and Arbuckle!

Another amazing night courtesy of Phil Duckett, Moreland and Arbuckle (poor drummer does even get his surname in the band name!) smashed it introducing some new tunes from their current album "Promised Land or Bust" and some older favourites.

'Lucky' punters from the night also walked away with our free live album "Live at Forty Two" from October last year so it was win win for everyone!

Now get ready for our next live gig next Wednesday at the Green Door Store, Brighton - FREE ENTRY (we are the band that keeps on giving!) with 3 other great Bluesy Rock bands, all courtesy of Kingdom of Dirt!

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