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Junkyard Sessions 3 was amazing!

A huge thank you to Ruby Tiger and Friends (Alfie and Lou) for an amazing first set (actually their first ever set together on stage - or otherwise!) This new trio really set the night off with some wonderful originals and some soulful, bluesy covers. Killer vocals from Ruby, amazing lap steel slide and harp playing from Alfie and Lou accompanied throughout on guitar. Obviously the "Mighty Boosh"ness of Bar 42's furry walls and smoke machines suits this new trio well as they were very well recieved and we immediately invited them back for some more of their soulful magic later in the year!

Small Town Silence took to the stage and brought their own flavour of Grungey Blues and worked the crowd up into a frenzy. Their short trip up from Littlehampton brought us their take on the genre and is clearly inspired by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynard Skynard, The Black Keys, Rolling Stones with a dose of The White Stripes and The Strokes - with lead guitarist Tim bringing a sartorial elegance in the headwear department that is matched by his guitar licks, these guys really bring something special to Bar 42 every time they play.

Finally Junkyard Sons had a bit of a shake up on stage ready for some new material and some changes for future gigs... but it didn't change the performance - With a fantastic Blues jam with Ruby Tiger and Tim from Small Town Silence (and a cameo from Dean from Charged) getting up and joining in a totally improvised song on the spot, we performed some relatively new tracks along with some of the old favourites and a special birthday rendition for our friend Sarah (isn't it convienient it is always someone's birthday at the bar!).

We can't wait for the next one at Bar 42 on February 28th and will (with any luck) be performing something a bit special at the next one!

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